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The Process Followed In Home Construction

There are very few people who have an idea of how homes are constructed. The general attitude is, as long as my house is complete and well-constructed, why do I need to know the details? To estimate the cost of the construction, hours consumed, and the manpower needed, then it is important for you to know the construction process. Let us look just briefly on how construction is done and the basic processes followed.

Before the home construction is started, there must be the floor plans. The final plans are then taken to the municipal officer. After the officer has reviewed and approved the plans, then a building permit is issued. The soil, capacity of the ground, and other environmental tests must be carried out by the homebuilders together with the site inspection.

At the land where the construction is to take place, thorough preparation is to be made. Removal of the topmost soil is done. Next, excavation is done. What follows is the formation and pouring of the footings which are concrete slabs that will support the foundation. Erection of the wall foundations follows. Here, the homebuilders will ask for your opinion on the design of the floors.

Here, the frame is erected. Here, different framing techniques can be applied, but the most common is applying an exterior sheeting. The windows and doors are installed in this third stage. It is not a must that the frames be constructed while erect, they can be done on the ground the lifted in place.

The basement is a crucial step in the construction of the house it is important that this be the point the basement installation is done. Piping and the ventilations are done at this stage and this will stage will also include the electric wiring, heating and cooling. The house inspection by the safety and standard officer is also done at this point. Inspection is done to the house to ensure that it is safe for those that will leave in it the workers that are continuing with the job.

Exterior Works and The Interior
This is considered as almost being the final stage. Here, proper scheduling must be observed because both the exterior and interior works will be done at the same time. On the exterior, the insulation is done, heating and cooling systems properly installed. It is also at this stage that the vapor barrier is applied. The beautification of the side of the house is done at this stage. The kitchen is well set at this final stage and the wardrobes and washrooms are also laid at this point.

The above are just a few of the numerous things that happen in the construction of a house and that need to be kept in mind. It is the responsibility of the builder that you have hired to give an update on the house as it is being build.

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