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Blood Pressure Measurement at Home: How to Check – A Quick Guide

Medically speaking, high blood pressure measurement is an important aspect of hypertension therapeutic regimen. This is only possibly done if you have the most accurate blood pressure monitor you can use to check it. Whether you are a licensed medical professional or a student studying to be a doctor, it is important to know how to check your blood pressure, as crucial as treating your high blood pressure problems. You will realize that there are many blood pressure monitor reviews online, from which you can get a lot of help, even get the greatest deals for you. It is best as well to know how to check the blood pressure, so you can monitor the blood pressures when necessary.

You will learn a lot about hypertension and blood pressure monitoring from magazines and journals on heart diseases, which they clearly mentioned that the measurement is the data transformed from pulse-waveform analysis of a given patient. It was used in the medical practice in the past, the mercury sphygmomanometer, to track and monitor the blood pressure values of a patient being examined. But there are newer techniques designed to make things easier for anyone who would like to get detailed monitoring details from blood pressure measurements.

Taking a blood pressure is an important task that you will need to learn. It will depend on the blood pressure measurement device you are using. Like all other medical measuring devices, it is scientifically done by measuring these three phases: preparing, taking the measurement, and doing intervention later on.

The first phase consists of understanding all the possible factors that can easily affect the results of the blood pressure measurements. All of these factors are and will affect the results of your blood pressure, your emotions, respiration, your movements, eating habits, alcohol and other vices, your reaction to pain, surgical wounds, and even your posture. Other factors that will affect the blood pressure measurements are the quality of the blood pressure measuring device, its limitations, its accuracy, and the age of the patient.

The second phase goes straight to doing correct postures and positions which requires the patient to sit down. Make sure you are relaxed. When measuring the relaxed arm, place it in a way that it is at the heart level which is important so you can avoid errors during measuring. It is best to take at least 15 minutes, keeping yourself calm before taking the measurement. There is a debate whether it would be best to use the left arm or the arm.

The cuff bladder must encircle the arm situated above the antecubital fossa of the arm, at least an inch. The first sound is termed the systolic blood pressure measurement while the last sound is called the diastolic blood pressure measurement.

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