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What is Empowerment Training?

Empowerment is regarded as a desirable state to be attained, however, it’s good to first know how to empower ourselves before being empowered. Its important first if we understand what is meant by the term to be empowered, to be empowered means that one is able to ascertain that he has the control over his life, this statement, however, does not mean having power over others lives. This is also to mean that one is able to take responsibility for his life and also being active for his life, this does not, however, mean to be so isolated since we are empowered and be island of our own.

The main reason or fact of empowerment training is to rely understand ourselves, this will dig dipper to explain who actually we are, after knowing that fact, the remaining is living with that fact in our lives once that sinks in our lives we are empowered already. Obstacles of empowerment should be looked on when training for empowerment, as this will help one understand fully how he can be able to overcome the challenge and then attain the required of his empowerment and enjoy life to the maximum. One of the main obstacles to empowerment that should be discussed in all empowerment training courses is the social conditioning, since most people have been conditioned to give away their power to others that’s why people hardly question the way things are done since that’s how it is used to be and is deemed wrong to question such.

Our way of becoming empowered will at most times be blocked by our own low self esteem, since if one does not even appreciate himself, how more will he trust his thinking, many people are tied in this area due to low self-esteem they should be encouraged to uplift their morale in order to achieve the required empowerment. On that point we can also note that ignorance that is unable to identify once self is also contributory to lack of empowerment, it’s not possible to empower ourselves if we don’t understand ourself. Fear of the unknown is also one factor that hinders many of us from attaining the optimum empowerment, since due to lack of energy that is brought about by fear one lacks the courage to act as per his potential powers.

Lack of knowledge is yet another factor that hinders empowerment, for one to be empowered he must self reliant to attain that he must be knowledgeable person adding knowledge to our lives we are more better since it helps us to even think better, and as someone once said knowledge is power by itself.

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