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Interviewing a Mold Remediation Company

Water damage may spur serious mold issues which can in turn bring aobut serious health problems. Attempting to fix the mold problem yourself can only lead to more issues, considering you are not an expert in containment.

Finding a reputable remediator who truly understands the hazards of wrong remediation practices can be challenging. Make sure you do your research prior to hiring a mold remediation service.

Mold Remediation Philosophy

Remediators are not health practitioners, but they have to understand that indoor water damage is toxic.

Post-project Environment Testing

Some kind of testing needs to be done before and after te treatment to show whether it has been successful or not. This testing must not be done by the remediator because of the obvious conflict of interest. Third-party testing yields more reliable results instead. Testing must never be brushed aside by any remediator.


Reputable mold remediation service providers always document their work with the use of digital photos. This is particularly true if the work is involves removal of building materials. After the work is completed, the customer must be able to look at digital pictures.

Containment Protocol

A contractor that does not practice proper containment procedures should not be considered. Two examples of proper containment techniques commonly used today include protecting entrance points to containment site, and plastic sheeting. HEPA filtering of negative air machines (NAMs) is also a must and should be done in outdoor space.


There are contractors who are without any kind of insurance, which can decrease your cost. However, you could be liable when injuries or accidental property damage occurs. Do not entertain any company that does not practice legit business.

Protective Gear

Workers need to wear the right hazmat suits, respirators and safety glasses during treatment. Disposable shoe covers must be worn on location because foot traffic can cause cross-contamination.

Waste Disposal Processes

Following removal, waste material has to be bagged immediately. Items must not be left to linger around premises. The route has to be as quick as possible to control possible breakage or leakage. Bagged items must be double bagged to avert cross contamination.

Securing Machines and Equipment

Mold remediation is a process that inherently includes the use of air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums. Such equipment must be secured with fresh wrap prior to entering your location as they could be contaminated from earlier jobs, making your situation even worse.

If you meet a contractor dismisses your safety concerns, look for another prospect. Remember, you have to be in control of your health and of your immediate environment. Ask all questions and raise all concerns you think are necessary. Above all, listen to your gut as you try to make a smart decision for your family’s health and well-being.

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